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Brian & Carrie Underwood

Brian and Carrie Underwood are testimonies to the salvation Jesus has for us.  He saved Brian and cured him from the destruction of addiction and restored Brian and Carrie's marriage and family in April of 2016.  John 3:16 Ministries in Charlotte, Arkansas is where Brian found salvation and deliverance.  They are a “Spiritual Bootcamp for men with addictions”. 

Brain and Carrie's vision to have their own restoration center for addicts’ in the Parkland came to pass in May 2019 where they are able to do the very same thing; helping to redeem women in  addiction by teaching and showing them how to have a relationship with Jesus.

There is urgency in both Brian and Carrie, to help every addict and family affected by addiction. There is redemption.  There is a future.  There is hope.   Jesus made a way of forgiveness and redemption by laying down his life for ours.  “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

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