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Interview Process

If a person is interested in the program or having an interview, they will need to contact the ministry for a phone interview at 573.327.4048. Once the phone interview is complete, a face to face interview will be conducted at a designated place and time.  Applicants are not guaranteed to be accepted, but each person needs to be broken and willing to truly change their life.


Please note: All applicants need to be clean for a minimum of 7 days before the face to face interview.   All court dates and probation appointments need to be handled/postponed for 6 months prior to face to face interview.

What to Expect

Being a Christ centered program, we start and end our day in the Word. When we are not in bible studies, we are serving Christ by volunteering in our community and our corporate sponsors.

Our residents learn biblical truths in who God created them to be and His love for them. Through this process they receive healing, restoration, and a foundation for their life in Christ. 


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